First guild UBRS and MC

It’s just the first sign of many things to come. Our guild just had the first impromptu UBRS run, it was beautiful.

Our first attempt at MC is happening this weekend, we’ll be hosting the pug so invite your friends. Check out discord for the raid sign under the “raid-helper” channel.

We’ll be figuring out Ony runs, but that hasn’t been set in stone yet.

Stay tuned for more updates as more content becomes available.

Get Out There!

There's no better way to help than to get out and experience nature for yourself.

And by nature, I mean Azeroth, the digital world…of warcraft. Classic will be launching in late August, so we need you all prepped and ready to go. Get your oldest Radeon graphics cards dusted off, and dump your rig in mineral oil, shit’s going down.